The world's first (patented) leaf-spring suspension anchors the engine and rider together, directly at its center. This brilliantly simple configuration generates two independent springs fore and aft.  Steering is separated from suspension forces as a result, producing a more stable, nimble ride than any experienced before. Moreover...


  • Leaf-spring removes weight and complexity inherent in traditional coil-spring/triple-tree systems.
  • Single titanium rod concentric with the steering axis provides the first perfectly centered motorcycle steering mechanism.
  • Incredibly strong, deceptively light structural components (titanium and carbon fiber throughout the vehicle) weigh in at less than 450 lbs.
  • Bilaterally symmetrical (front and rear) carbon-composite blades deliver rock-solid, proven stability under the most stressed conditions.
  • Eccentric adjustments coupled with worm-gear controls provide the first infinitely adjustable trail geometry, and rake adjustable from 28° to -27°


Master-craftsmanship at its finest

  • Aerospace-grade titanium
  • Structural carbon fiber components
  • Rich leather appointments
  • Indulgent mahogany accents


Motus MV4R

  • 185hp, naturally aspirated
  • 300hp+ super-charged


ISR radial system

  • 250mm rotors front and rear
  • Interchangeable, four-piston radial-mount calipers



4130 Chromoly tubing

  • Single-radius bend, universal diameter
  • Engine leveraged as stressed member
  • Weighing only 23lb


High-Speed-Stability prioritized

  • 62.5”


17” carbon-composite

  • 3.5” wide front
  • 5.5” wide rear


Fuel System

Split-tank design

  • 4-gallon total capacity
  • E15 compliant