Jim and Scott traveled parallel paths in what appeared very different careers. When they met while writing their autobiographies, they were struck by a shared experience: each yearned to become the master-craftsman of his own journey. Traditional metrics had defined them as successful, but something far greater emerged to reveal entirely new horizons in the motorcycle industry.

Co-Founder: Jim Jacoby
After becoming an avid rider early in his entrepreneurial journey, Jim found himself walking into a bar at the peak of his career just blocks from a world-renowned motorcycle designer in New Orleans. That meeting would change his life. He left his successful digital design and development business to dedicate himself to the tenets of master craftsmanship. He codified his findings while three of the most advanced luxury motorcycles were designed and built under his watchful eye. During the process, a near fatal motorcycle accident sidelined him, forcing an even deeper focus on the work. Clarity emerged. Personal risk, monetary gain, and genuine human connections rebalanced around him. Once healed, Jim began training to beat land speed records on a bike that would revolutionize an industry. 

Co-Founder: Scott Miller
Thirty years perfecting luxury product manufacture in sophisticated fabrication facilities is an accomplishment by any standard. Beating stage-four cancer while doing so defines both strength and courage. Validated in traditional terms until his diagnosis, Scott’s career had seemed born of will and intellect. As a result, he transitioned management responsibilities while completing his healing process and discovered a personal responsibility to recommit to the dreams of his youth where anything was possible. Even before the completion of the concept vehicles, bespoke manufacture of the world’s most powerful luxury motorcycle emerged as a calling—a calling to produce according to tenets of master-craftsmanship in a sustainable business environment. A lifetime of learning fulfilled, the mark of every human hand elevates the value of each motorcycle produced. And they perform. The Bonneville salt flats await, extending Scott’s own story of creating a motorcycle that is simply, “like no other.”